Plugin Show TeamMates Money 1.2

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Amxx 1.8.2
Compatible With
Amxx 1.8.2, Amxx 1.8.3, [RE] Amxx 1.8.3 or +
Installation Instructions
Download, Compile, Install on Server :)
A Simple Plugin which shows TeamMates money during FreezeTime. There are 2 modes currently in the plugin which can be controlled through cvar providedshowMoney = 1 ( Shows whole Team Money ) / 2 ( Shows money of teamMate you Aim )

1 : Will show the money of whole Team in a proper Lineup !!
2 : It shows the money of your teamMate only when you Aim at him , so basically you can Aim at any of your TeamMate to get their money
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Note : Plugin wont work properly if you have a very low Freezetime in your server, plugin's main Purpose is to check money of teamMates and to get weapon drops from them in the time
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I think it is useful for Competitives and Automix Servers where freezetime is long and you need weapon drops from your teamMates

CSTRIKE Module is used which makes it for CounterStrike only

Available on Allied too :


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Latest updates

  1. New Update

    Added 2 modes to the plugin and a cvar showMoney to choose between them
  2. Improved Functionality

    Improved ShowMoney event ( Used HLTV round | Removed Round end )