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  1. Eric


    That has bugs too i guess , but i used a very old version of this so i dont know about the updates !
  2. Eric

    Question Do Merging plugins help ?

    I was just wondering , i saw many guys talking about merging all plugins to one plugin to reduce lag on the server as people always shout for lag and extra plugins on server So merging them do really help ???
  3. Eric

    Plugin Kill Assist ( Modified ) - UPDATED

    New version v2
  4. Eric

    Kill Assist ( Modified )

    Eric updated Kill Assist ( Modified ) with a new update entry: UPDATED Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Eric

    Question Which SPR plugin is better ?

    SPECIAL ROUND [IN] Special Round I mean purposes of both them are same then which is better ?
  6. Eric

    Plugin Knife It UP - Auto Sync

    Thank @DiGiTaL for doing it <3
  7. Eric

    Question Any solution for the latest ddos exploit

    Thanks @FIELD and @DiGiTaL <3 This site rocks man :heart_eyes:
  8. Eric

    Question Any solution for the latest ddos exploit

    iGC doesnt give me firewall bro.. u are not understanding :/
  9. Eric

    Question Any solution for the latest ddos exploit

    We face many attacks on our server and i am sure they are attacks by that exploit Any way to stop them ?
  10. Eric

    Plugin Knife It UP - Auto Sync

    Ohh i see :joy: thanks bro u rock :heart:
  11. Eric

    Plugin Knife It UP - Auto Sync

    Hey bro .. plugins just works 100% fine and smooth but sometimes it plays different songs for some users :( Is something wrongly coded in your plugin ? or its bugging just for me ????
  12. Eric

    Plugin Whatsapp Group Joiner

    When i saw this one .. i tried making it, i was trying with fopen but failed xD then i asked for help from @DiGiTaL he gave some hints but i m not that much in scripting to get wht he was saying so he said he will upload this plugin and now plugin is here <3 thanks @CrAzY MaN for creating this...
  13. Eric

    How to create a Local REHLDS Server

    Now i got the thing i was doing wrong xD I was not creating that fake comandline type thing , was just opening rehlds and it was doing nothing Now everything working fine . Thanks brother :heart_eyes: you rock as always :heart:
  14. Eric

    Plugin Lite Chat Prefixes

    Ohh cmon man .. this isnt alliedmodeers we care aboutt good plugins here and i guess this site support hardcoded plugins like those russian sites right na ? because there are many other complex plugins like Chatmanager from ociXcrom and CHROMChat present normal users can use ( if they dont knw...
  15. Eric

    Plugin Lite Chat Prefixes

    Bro i m a developer too and i see plugin well coded :D
  16. Eric

    Plugin Lite Chat Prefixes

    Working Perfect :heart_eyes: bt why it is still unapproved ? have u lost faith on ur plugins :p ( Jk )
  17. Eric

    Plugin Block Spray on Server

    Aah sry xD i will take care nxt time , can i get approval for this now ?
  18. Eric

    Plugin Block Spray on Server

    Eric submitted a new resource: Block Spray on Server - Simple addon to block spraying on server Read more about this resource...
  19. Eric

    Plugin Block Spray on Server 1.0

    A simple Amxmodx Addon to block players from Spraying on your server Plugin will Block Spray and will print this message on screen :
  20. Eric

    Plugin Report Plugin for players - v2 Added

    - Check ZIP